Ladaigarh was constructed by a Ruler Pratap Singh to protect its town from the attack of neighboring kingdoms. Ladaigarh equipped construction having different parts. Meragarh (southern part) and Swalatgarh (northern part). Now a days Ladaigarh is one of the most beautiful and attractive tourist spots in Jorhat, Assam.

Ladai Garh is a fortified structure, situated around 13 km away from the destination. This structure was constructed by King Pratap Sinha to protect his kingdom from the neighbouring kingdoms. The garh comprises three parts out of which, Mera Garh is at Majhuli. The Swalat Garh is in the northern side, while the Ladai Garh lies on the southern side.

King Pratap Sinha constructed a garh on the north and south to protect the kingdom. One part of this garh is called Mera garh which is Majhuli. Swalat garh is on the northern side and Ladai garh on the southern side.