The Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly is the lower house of theAndhra Pradesh Legislature. As of 2014 the Legislative Assembly of Andhra Pradesh consists of 175 MLA’s with a term of 5 years. The structure of the assembly is Bicameral and holds 3 sessions viz., Budget, Monsoon and Winter sessions.

After the formation of Andhra State on 1 October 1953, the first Andhra Legislative Assembly was constituted. Later, it was merged with Hyderabad State Legislative Assembly to form Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly when the state of Andhra Pradesh was formed on 1 November 1956. The first meeting was held on 3 December 1956 with Unicameral till 1958. With the formation of Legislative Council on 1 July 1958, it was Bicameral till 1 June 1985, before being abolished. Again, on 30 March 2007 it becameBicameral after the revival of Legislative Council. On 2 June 2014, the state of Andhra Pradesh got bifurcated to form new state of Telangana. Hence, the state was allocated 175 seats with the remaining 119 seats been allocated to Telangana Legislative Assembly.