Lohri is one of the most popular festivals in Haryana. Lohri marks the end of winter and welcomes the season of fertility. It is celebrated every year on 13 January just before Makar Sankranti. Lohri is actually meant for the Punjabis, but the entire state celebrates it with equal joy and fervor. On the day of Lohri people burn huge bonfires and throw sweets, puffed rice and popcorn into the flames. They make circles around the fire, sing songs, dance and exchange greetings. People also pray around the fire which symbolizes Agni or the spark of life.

Lohri – Harvest Festival is celebrated on 13th of January during the month of Paush or Magh, a day before Makar Sankranti. This festival marks the departure of the winter season and onset of spring. This festival is celebrated across the country as the harvest festival under different names like Pongal– in Tamil Nadu,Bihu in Assam,Bhogi in Andhra pradesh and the Sankranti in Karnataka,Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

Lohri is considered to be a very auspicious occasion for marriages and getting into new ventures. It is a special occasion for newly weds and new born’s. Lohri is a grand event of social and cultural integration, bringing about unity, amity, harmony among all castes and communities.