The “Loku” the greatest festival of the Noctes of Arunachal Pradesh, basically related to agricultural activities, is celebrated with remarkable pomp and grandeur.

Pigs and buffaloes are sacrificed on the first day of festival and the meats are subsequently used in the community feast. The famous Chalo dances of the Noctes add much colour and grace to the Loku festival.

“Hornbill Festival” is a weeklong festival celebrated by all the tribes of Nagaland. Nagaland has a number of tribes and sub-tribes with each tribe having its own unique festival. However, during Hornbill festival, all tribes of Nagaland share a common platform in celebration of one festival. It is called the “Festival of festivals”.

The Festival is named after the Hornbill, a globally respected bird that shows up in the folklore of most of the state’s tribes. This one weeklong festival unite all of the Nagaland, in one giant colour-splashed hodgepodge of dances, performances, crafts, parades, games, sports, food fairs and religious ceremonies.