The heritage of Kachchh art and culture is displayed in the Madansihji Museum (Aina Mahal) Bhuj. The last ruler of Kachchh Maharao Madansinhji established the Maharao of Kachchh Aina Mahal Trust on 1st January, 1977. Aina Mahal means a ‘mirror palace’. It was created by the artists Ramsinh & Gaidhar Devshi in the period of Maharao Lakhpatji (1752-61).

In 1757, visited the emperor Alamgir in Delhi. He was graced with the title of ‘Mahi Maratib’. He welcomed foreigners in his court. Fortune brought him a man named Ramsingh Malam who specialized in Kachchhi architecture, enamel work, jewellery, tile work and interior decoration.