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The Makar Sankranti festival is also celebrated every year in the month of January in Karnataka, Maharashtra and some parts of Andhra Pradesh. This festival is celebrated as a day of goodwill and friendship on the occasion of the ‘ascent’ of the sun to the north (Uttarayana). On this day, the sesame ladoos and sugar drops are distributed as a symbol to be generous and kind to everyone. The women wear new clothes, new glass bangles and hold get-togethers to share sweets and gifts. A new bride is given ornaments made of sugar drops and her new relatives are invited to meet and welcome her at a haldi kumkum celebration.

It is a harvest festival and is perhaps the only Indian festival where the date always falls on the same day of every year; the 14th of January with just a few exceptions when it is celebrated either on 13th or 15th of January. The festival of Makar Sankranti is highly regarded by the Hindus from North to down South. The day is known by various names and a variety of traditions are witnessed as one explores the festival in different states.

The festival is celebrated in numerous ways in different regions of Karnataka and sees a major influx of devotees and tourists. Here is a look at the various places in Karnataka where Makar Sankranti is celebrated with grandeur.