Archaeological Survey of India has had great findings at Malhar Town of Bilaspur District in Chhattisgarh, India. Very old temples are found in this town and one of them is Pataleshwar and other temples are Devri temple, Dindeshwari temple. Olden Jain memoirs are further found in this place, let apart the statues icons of Lord Vishnu, a Hindu Deity which has four hands. The olden temples relating to 10th and 11th centuries are available here and some of them can be referred to be relating to Pataleshwar Kedar temple and one would really get attracted by the Gomukhi Shiv Lingam. One more attraction here is the Kalchuri period’s Didneswari temple and further, a museum with appreciable compilation of olden day’s sculptures, which is now taken care by the Indian government.

Malhar, an old Town in the Bilaspur District of Chhattisgarh State of India, has much archaeological importance and goes back to the olden days of 10th and 11th century through the findings of various sculptures and idols. Excavations have led to finding of various olden days’ monuments and along with this town Budikhar which is located nearby, also joins in holding of such treasures. Didneshwari, Pataleshwar and Dewari are the famous temples and one has to visit this place to see and enjoy these monuments and the nature’s beauty.

Travellers also can see the Deorani Jethani Temple, Chhattisgarh Institute of Medical Sciences and Narayan Temples which are said to be the tourist loving places and the nearby city Pali which is at about 33kms from here, has around 15 attractive places to visit. This town had attained importance during the Kalchuri period and the black coloured Didneshwari Devi is indeed making the tourists, visit this place again and again for a glimpse of the Gods and Goddesses adoring this temple town.