The Mayong Central Museum and Emporium is located at Mayong, a place in the Marigaon district of Assam in India, 40 km from Guwahati. It was inaugurated at 1 pm on November 1, 2002. It has preserved some of the ancient manuscript of Black Magic and Ayurveda. Mayong and Pragjyotishpura (ancient name of present day Assam) find place in several mythological epics including Mahabharata. Chief Ghatotkacha of Kachari Kingdom took part in ‘The Great Battle of Mahabharata ’ with his magical powers.

The All as One theory states that all forms of magic are evil, irrespective of color (white or black). This view is generally associated with Satanism. People that maintain this opinion include those belonging to most branches of Christianity and Islam. The museum is dedicated to the origins of black magic and tantra. It houses local artifacts like ancient witchcraft manuscripts and swords that were believed to be used for making human sacrifices. Visitors may be treated to a magic show, where ancient rituals for casting healing spells are performed.