The prime mover of the economy of a state are its resources particularly the minerals and energy. But to be unfortunate enough Punjab is extremely scarce in its minerals and energy resources.

Potential petroleum oil bearing areas of India include Punjab among the others like Assam, Tripura, Manipur, west Bengal, Himachal, Kutch and the Andamans.

Sufficient as well as dependable availability of minerals and energy are essential for sustained growth of the economy. Renewable and non-renewable sources form the two arms of energy.

Renewable sources of energy comprises of hydro-power, fuel wood, bio-gas, solar, wind, geo-thermal and tidal power.Non-renewable sources of energy come from coal, oil and gas.

But in Punjab you will not find any coal mines or oil wells; so the state is dependent mainly on thermal, hydel and solar power.

Due to the deficiency of minerals and energy resources Punjab has been growing principally as an agro-economic sector in India. Energy in the form of electricity is the main input for economic development.