Mukesh Mills

Muljibhai Madhvani, the Owner of East African Hardware Ltd., had established a large factory in Bombay. It was known as Mukesh Textile Mills (Pvt.) Ltd. [Conflicting Information – The British had set up this mills It was built in 1870’s. It was the only mill in South Bombay at that time.The mill itself had a large private dock where the boats came to unload the bales of cotton and load yards of finished cloth. These were then ferried to the larger ships that were in outer anchorage in the Arabian Sea.

This mill was closed on 18th January 1982 while a year-long textile mill strike. The owners of the mill had applied for an official closure of the mills but it was denied by the government. A few months later an unexpected fire broke out in the mills and it was permanently closed It is now owned by Bangalore based Agrawal Family (Bhoruka Group), who plans to develop this 10 acres land in a prime area into a commercial property. But it is still contested by the Indian Navy as INS Shikra lies just behind it.

You have come here to read a ghost story? You didn’t see one English movie “Exorcist”? It’s very rare isn’t? Remember the girl how she was possessed by the demon. What a terrific performance by that time child actress named Linda Blair. You probably don’t forget her talking in a masculine voice with evil’s language. Think if an actress becomes really possessed and haunted in front of camera? Will that be less attractive than “Exorcist”?

Amitabh Bachchan also shared his memory about a place where he did some of his best. Its Mukesh hill, Colaba, Mumbai, a deserted textile mill built in 1870. After a fire accident it was closed forever. Later it started to be used as a shooting zone. Remember Mr. Bachchan with gorgeous Kimi katkar in film “Hum”, dancing in a factory the song “Jumma Chumma de de”. This is more than enough. You can see the place now. No, Kimi Katkar was not the victim by ghost. But at the same place in a shooting of a TV serial, an actress became possessed by ghost and started talking in devil like masculine voice. The ghost in the actress ordered the shooting crew to leave the place immediately. This incident terrified all there as much they stopped their work and left the place immediately.

Many directors there refuse to work after evening. Actors also feel uncomfortable to work in the haunted place. They believe this place filled with evil forces. They always keep losing their belongings in time of shooting there.