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Rajasthan has always attracted tourists from all over the world. Its rich cultural heritage in the form of forts, palaces and temples speak for itself. The museums of this state add to the tradition of preserving rich heritage. Government Museum of Bangar preserves the rich history of Rajasthan with utmost care.

Located in Pali, most contributions to the Museum of Bangar come from neighbouring regions as well as desert ancient kingdoms of Marwar and Godwar. This contribution is in the form of antiquities depicting art and architecture of ancient times. It gives you a glimpse of how the culture of this state has been over different stages of evolution.

Ever since it was opened for public visits in 1991, Government Museum of Bangar has been a popular tourist destination. The museum exhibits 326 stone sculptures, 22 miniature paintings, 4 terracotta, 409 types of coins belonging to the medieval period, 10 stone inscriptions, copper plates, 8 arms, 3 metallic objects and 258 miscellaneous objects. The wood works at this museum are from Bagri and Sojat. You will be amazed to see great works of stone from Raipur and ancient inscriptions from Palil, Nadol, Auwa, Beethoo and Bijapur. Bhimana is the place from where folk costumes and musical instruments have been collected.

You will also find an interesting collection of statues and Observatory instruments. Religious findings in the form of statue of Thanak Vishnu from 6th century AD has been preserved her. The statue was found at Hemawas in Pali.

The sculptures at this museum are from Nadol, Pall, Neemaj, Balbana, Auwa, Bhinmal (Jalor) and Hemawa. These sculptures are a pure depiction of grandeur and great artistic work.