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Bharatpur Government Museum consists a very precious collection of archaeological wealth of the nearby place. Some of the things also comes from old Bharatpur State.Actually it is the huge palatial building Kachahari kalan. It is converted from administrative block of the rulers of Bharatpur state to a Museum in 1944 AD. It is located in the heart of Lohargarh fort. The Kamra Khas (personal chamber) building on the first floor was added to the museum.

Bharatpur Government Museum consists sculptures from the escavation of old villages. Some of the old villages are Noh, Mallah, Bareh, Bayana etc. that range from the Kushan period (Ist century A.D.) to 19th century A.D. Museum also has the incredible weapons used in battles in the medieval period the Jat rulers, paintings, manuscripts, zoological specimens, local art and carft. It comes from the Bharatpur.

There is also an art gallery in the museum which comprises the specimens of miniature paintings on leaves of the peepal tree, mica and old lithopapers. It also has the paintings of the Maharajas of Bharatpur. Moving to upper story, there are two sections. First section consists of various types of guns & miniature canons used during 18th century A.D. called ‘Chaddra’.

Bharatpur is well connected by road and rail with Agra, Mathura, Delhi and Jaipur. Nearest airport is Agra (54 kms). The museum is located about 7 kms from the Bharatpur Railway Station and 4 kms from Bharatpur Bus Stand.