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The Government Museum of Jhalawar, Rajasthan is one of the oldest museums of the state and is situated right in the middle of the city. The museum, a hugely popular tourist destination, is part of the Fort Palace and set up just outside the main fort structure.

Jhalawar is the one of the most exotic places in Rajasthan where there is an abundance of nature’s blessings. It is situated on the southeastern area of the state and is at the periphery of the Malwa highland. It has a rocky and water laden verdant landscape. There place is famous for its thick and deep forests that has a wealth of interesting wildlife. The state is also home to majestic forts and extraordinary cave paintings.

The fort itself is a magnificent structure and has a stunning architecture. It looks like a rock structure from the outside but the interiors reveal a completely different picture. The Zanana Khas portion of the fort is where the Government Museum is situated.

The Government Museum of Jhalawar was established in the year 1915. The museum is famous for its beautiful paintings, sculptures, rare manuscripts, and inscriptions. They are believed to be from the fifth and seventh century. The museum is also famous for its unique paintings, coins, and statues of Hindu deities. There are numerous inscriptions from the 5th and the 7th century on display here.

One of the key areas of attraction of the museum is the architectural remains and sculptures retrieved from excavations that belong to the city of Chandravati. Equally invaluable are the statues and epigraphs from the Jhalrapatan region displayed in the museum’s galleries. Numerous idols recovered from ruins of the region are also on show here. This includes the idol of Ardhnarishvara Natraj, which was displayed in Moscow, during the Festival of India celebrations. There are beautiful idols of Lord Vishnu, Trimurthi, Laxmi Narayana and Lord Krishna which holds pride of place in the museum. The museum is also home to a good number of murals and manuscripts from the region.