The National Handicrafts and Handlooms Museum (NHHM) commonly known as National Crafts Museum in New Delhi is one of the largest crafts museums in India.It is run by the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. The museum is situated on the corner of the Pragati Maidan.

The Crafts Museum takes you through the rural surroundings that have been painstakingly created to imitate typical Indian villages, with craftsmen sitting outside the museum and displaying their skills. The Crafts Museum is a huge complex that houses a wide range of traditional and creative crafts that ranges from terracotta horses to handmade jewellery from different tribes in the country.

Some of the crafts that are on display at the museum are pottery, wood carvings, metal-ware crafting, image and toys sculpturing among other things. The museum also displays folk paintings, tribal textiles along with handmade jewellery from tribes from Bihar, West Bengal, and Madhya Pradesh among other states. Managed by the Government of India under the expert supervision of the Ministry of Textiles, the Crafts Museum with its beautiful setting, which has been designed by a renowned architect named Charles Correa, is an exact replica of a typical Indian village.