West Bengal is situated in the eastern region and is ranked as fourth most populous state in India and also seventh populous in sub-national in the world. The state is the 6th largest contributor for GDP of India. The state is bordered by three countries Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal and five states such as Sikkim, Jharkhand, Bihar, Assam and Orissa. The capital of West Bengal is Kolkata. The state is popular for thrilling experiences for wildlife, as it is flourished with number of sanctuaries and parks. West Bengal is the land for wildlife enthusiastic and no lover can skip such and rich place. The distinct topography and climate of the state helps in offering diversity in flora an avifauna. The place is not only for wildlife treasure, but it has exquisite natural beauty so that traveling in the park is a remarkable experience.

West Bengal is the recognition for one of the finest sanctuaries and parks and thus we get various amenities and remarkable experience. The state has earned wild recognisation as the “Royal Bengal Tigers”, even is one of the largest who has Mangrove forest across the world. As the state is closest to the Bay of Bengal, the sanctuaries and parks are spanned with perennial place and an ideal location for most of the species of wildlife to flourish. The place is truly a paradise for both the lovers of natural beauty and wildlife. One gets enthralling experiences while traveling through the thick and thin of the forests. The majestic land of West Bengal opens its entire natural treasure selectively and gradually, distinct from other wildlife destinations in India. The untouched terrains are suitable for various species in aquatic, reptiles and amphibians life as well. The incredible expanse of greenery, the playful high tide and the blue heaven mesmerize everything.