The Navratri Madhya Pradesh is celebrated before the Dussehra. Held in the month of the September and October, Navratri Madhya Pradesh is one of the beautiful festivals. It is held on the lunar month of Ashwin according to the Hindu calendar. Nav Ratri means 9 nights during which Shakti is worshiped in nine different forms.
Navratri in Madhya Pradesh in India is celebrated with much fun and fervor. Tourists from all over come to Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh during this season. People take a holy dip in the Shipra River during the Navratri. It is held before the Dussehera. The Dussehera is dedicated to Goddess Durga who is the Goddess of Power. Navratri in Madhya Pradesh is all about worshiping Godess Shakti. The people worship the 9 forms of Shakti.

The Navratri starts on the first day of the Pratipada. Desserts and sweet delicacies are prepared during this time and people get dressed up in the best of clothes. The Navratri is often celebrated through Garba Ras dances which is one of the major attractions of Navratri. This is an important festival in Madhya Pradesh. The tourists love to see the celebrations of the Navratri in Madhya Pradesh and travelers from all over come to Madhya Pradesh to be a part of this grand festival.