Old Secretariat is the present seat of the Delhi Legislative Assembly. It is located on the main Ring Road just near the Civil Lines Metro Station. The building was constructed in 1912 to house the secretariat after the British capital was shifted from Kolkata to Delhi. The credit of the spectacular design goes to E. Montague Thomas.

The Old Secretariat is rich in enormous historical importance. When the first sitting of the Legislative Council of the Central Government was held here in the Chamber on 27th January 1913, history knew that the foundation of India’s future Parliament was being laid. Till the completion of the Parliament House building, the Council continued to meet at the Old Secretariat. Its grand opening ceremony was performed on 18th January 1927.

After independence, the Old Secretariat was used for holding academic and cultural events till 1952 when Delhi got its own Assembly. However, the assembly was soon dissolved and then it served as a place where deliberations of the Metropolitan Council used to take place. Finally it became the seat of the Delhi Vidhan Sabha in 1993 when Delhi again won an assembly.

Old Secretariat in Delhi is located on the Mahatma Gandhi Road near the Civil Lines Metro Station. The architecture bears imprints of history as the imposing structure dates back to 1912.

Architecture of Old Secretariat was designed by E. Montague Thomas.

The architectural pattern includes a long front line and two lateral structures.

The architecture is a classic combination of the best features of English school of architecture and the traditional Indian forms.

The imposing building stands majestically amidst 10 acres of beautiful manicured garden.

The building now houses the headquarters of the Government of the National Capital Region of Delhi and the Delhi Assembly.

Old Secretariat is located on the main Ring Road just near the Civil Lines Metro Station. Old Secretariat was built according to the architectural design by E. Montague Thomas. The first convocation of Delhi University was held here in this building on 26th March 1923. Old Secretariat being located in the capital city, can be reached from any corner of the country.

The places nearby the Old Secretariat are some of the most popular tourist spots in Delhi. If you are planning for a visit to this famous building, keep some time for a trip to these unique sites. Rich in historical and cultural significance, these places are a must-see.

Nearby Attractions of Old Secretariat in Delhi are Coronation Durbar Memorial, Majnu ka Tila, Metcalfe House, Flagstaff Tower, Kashmiri Gate and Qudsia Bagh.

Coronation Durbar Memorial is located about 20 kilometers from Connaught Place in northern Delhi. The site, marked by a sandstone pillar houses many British statues that once adorned the city majestically.

Located on the main Shamnath Road, this garden dates back to the mid-eighteenth century. Laid by Nawab Qudsia Begum in 1748, the garden once housed a palace, waterfall, a mosque, a summer lodge and a marvelous flower and fruit garden.

This is not all. The places near the Old Secretariat have some of the finest places to eat and shop. McDonalds in Kamla Nagar and Model Town, Nirula’s, Chacha ke Chole Bature, authentic Tibetan food in many dhabas near Majnu ka Tila, Baskin Robins and Momo’s Point in Kamla Nagar, Vikrant Restaurant in Kingsway Camp, Grant Plaza in Model Town and legions of roadside food stalls will give a taste of a lip smacking variety of cuisines. Of course, the dishes typical to Delhi are not to be missed.

Kamla Nagar Market, Model Town Market, Mukherji Nagar Market and Ashok Vihar Market are famous shopping spots near the Old Secretariat.