Maharashtra is a huge state and its most of the land is used for agriculture. In earlier time, bulls were considered the most useful and helpful animal for human being as they are used for agriculture as well as for other tasks. On the day of Pola, farmers show their appreciation and gratitude to their bulls for all the assistance. Bullocks are decorated properly with ornaments and given a wonderful appearance. Bulls are then worshipped and offered special food on this day. Pola is the unique aspect for the Hindu culture that shows respect to farm animals.

India is a country where agriculture is the main source of income and mostly farmers use bullocks for farming. Hence the peasants celebrate this festival in praise of the animal. Hence it is also known as Bail Pola or the bullock Pola.

There is the Bada Pola where the bull or ox is worshiped and the Chhota Pola where children carry toy bullocks with them door-to-door and get some gifts in cash or kind. (Much like carol singing during Christmas.)

Pola festival has its own traditional rituals to be followed like bulls are given a bath and then decorated with jewellery, shawls and a garland of flowers. They are even painted in various colours and then worshiped. The whole process consists of decorating them accompanied by music and dancing. The main task of this festival is the old bullock is tied with a wooden frame on its horns and it is are made to break a rope of mango leaves that is tied between two posts.

Pola teaches every human being to respect animals and there is an assumption that on this day the sky looks as if wheat floor is spread all over. That’s the reason why this festival is also called as Pithori Amavasya. And as soon as this festival gets over activities like sowing and ploughing take place. Happy Pola festival to all our hardworking farmers.

Pola is a traditional village festival and celebrated by the farmer’s community where the Bull is a significant member. During this ceremony, farmers follow the tradition to decorate their bullocks with ornaments and worship them. Farmer community cooks delicious traditional cuisines at their home. Puran Poli is the traditional sweet dish which adds the perfect flavour to this festival.

Farmers enjoy this festival by playing musical instruments like, bugles, lezims, drums etc and dance also. This is also the main festival of Chhattisgarh.