Pt. Neki Ram Sharma was born in a Bhraman family of Kelga Village of Rohtak Tehsil in 1877. He led a life of sacrific and suffering and worked tirelessly for the freedom of the country. He got education of sanskrit from Banaras. His contributions were great in ‘Home Rule’ movement in Haryana. In 1916 he was impressed by the speeches of Lokmanya Tilak and became member of ‘Swaraj Sangh’. Deportationof Lala Lajpat Rai in 1907 moved him profundly and he took pledge that he would not take rest untill the British Raj is be ended in the country. He participated in Calcutta meeting of Congress in 1917 as a delegate from Haryana. He was given bait of 25 squares of land by the British Deputy Commissioner of Rohtak. But Neki Ram Sharma replied, ” You are talking of 25 ‘murabbas’ of Land . The whole India is my own land and one day you people will be thrown out of it”. He secured greater involvement of people of north India in ‘Home Rule’ movement as the presence of Tilak was not allowed by the Govt. He was arrested in july 1918 after the public meeting addressed by him at Laxmi Naryain Dharamshala in Delhi and put to trial.Later he won the case and set free. In 1922 he got 6 months jail for taking part in ‘Non Co-opration’ movement. He visited many villages in Haryana and formed congress committees from 1922 to 1930. He worked with Pt. Madan Mohan Malvya and Lal Lajpat Rai for many years. He started weekly newspaper ‘Sandesh’ From Bhiwani. He got jail of many years for taking part in 1930 ‘Salt Movement’, Non-Cooperation Movement in 1932 and 1942 ‘Quit India Movement’. He was a social reformer also and worked to bring about reforms in society. He bitterly attacked the evils of caste system, untouchability, pardha, child marriage and extravagent expenditure on marriage and other occassions. He was a great stalwart of ‘Sanatan Dharam Sabha’ in Haryana. He gave stirring speech at the annual meeting of ‘Sanatan Dharam Saabha’ at Etawa on March 20, 1918. He died on June 1956.