Built in circa 1618 by Maharaja Indrajit Singh, the three-storeyed fort is also variously recognized as the Anand Mandal Bagh and the Rai Praveen Manika Bhavan.A lush garden, with shrubs and flowerbeds pruned in very many artistic shapes, surrounds the palace.Quite obviously, the art of topiary has been in existence in Orchha for centuries.The Mahal was built in honour of the ‘Nightingale of Orchha’, Rai Praveen, and the second floor is resplendent with scenes of Nritya Mudra, the poses and postures of Indian dance.

Rai Praveen was as well identified for her charming beauty as for her poetry and music. The paramour of Indrajit Singh, in whose court she performed, her fame inevitably spread far and wide and finally reached the Imperial Court of Akbar. The Mughal emperor was smitten by her, and he arrogantly summoned her to his durbar. Indrajit Singh, Rai Parveen’s paramour, was too weak-kneed a ruler to defy the Imperial summons.