Ra Kiranhotel

The Raj Kiran Hotel, located in Lonavala, Mumbai is not particularly haunted. Its real problem lies in one of its rooms at the ground floor of the hotel. Naturally, because of its haunted nature, the room is no longer rented out to visitors and guests.

Those who have stayed in Rij Kiran’s haunted room were not necessarily visited by ghosts and apparitions, but instead, had strange, and even traumatic, experiences.

According to the people who have stayed in the Raj Kiran Hotel haunted room, they saw bright blue lights, objects that moved on their own as well as strange shapes and sounds.
The Raj Kiran Hotel may hold other secrets, but for now, the haunted room is easily one of the most notorious features of this particular hotel.

The previous is just a short list of a few of the most haunted places in India. As vast and historic as India is, there are plenty of other haunted places to research and write an article about.
Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavala in Mumbai, India is not a big hotel but is haunted for sure, confirmed by a number of Paranormal experts, that one

There is a particular room on the ground floor of this hotel, where guests have reported their bed sheets had been pulled off while they slept. Some have woken up in the Some of them have woken up in the midst of dark nights with a ray of blue light at their feet. These people have gone through mental therapies after staying in that room. It is said that something really-really creepy goes-on inside the room during the nights which frightens the people. Ghostly apparitions keep floating in this room. The room is in the corner and behind the reception on the ground floor. As a result of these reports the room has stopped being rented out and mostly kept vacant. Out of many people who had the chance of experiencing the True Horror Of Raj Kiran Hotel Arvind was one.This is what he expllained about his personal experience during his brief but life changing period of residing in hotel Raj Kiran

In USA or UK you will find many haunted mansions or hotels. Where ghost disturbs people or haunts for a long time. For hotel owners having a haunted room are great for business. Lots of haunted houses can be booked in high price. Many have tickets to go on a hangout. In India there are no short of this kind of haunted houses or hotels. In Lonavala, Maharastra there is such a spooky hotel, named Raj Kiran hotel. There is one room where the ghost haunts. But the room is infamous and now days, mostly kept vacant at time of pick season too. Here is the difference.

Behind the reception on the ground floor, the haunted room is. Staying night in the room is definitely a creepy stuff. An eerie silence prevails always in the room. Once a couple were on their honeymoon in the room. According to them every moment they felt the presence of something supernatural. Every time someone was there, observing them. In another paranormal incident that sounds funny, but not in reality. In the midnight someone pulled off the bed sheet from a guest. It made her extremely terrified. The lady guest made her husband woke up and searched the room everywhere. But the room was locked and no one was there. They complained to reception and without saying a word they changed their room.

In a number of happenings where some people almost gone mad after seeing ghostly figures in the room. One or two of them also reported about scary blue light on their feet. They had gone under psychiatric treatment after those horrible experiences to come back into daily life.