If Madhya Pradesh is the heart of incredible India, then Orchha is its heart and within the heart of Orchha lays the Raja Mahal. The royal residence of the former kings of Orchha, Raja Mahal is to be found in the Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh. Among the most visited palaces in Orchha, the Raja Mahal attracts thousands of visitors from various parts of the world that flock to the palace every year to marvel at its majestic charm.Rudra Pratap Singh, the Rajput ruler of this region is known to have started the construction of Raja Mahal in Orchha in the 16th century but the commission of finishing of the construction was taken up later by the posterity of Rudra Pratap Singh, the most popular amongst whom was Madhukar Shah. Indeed, the two rectangular courtyards inside Raja Mahal were used by the Bundela Queens for their past time.The architecture of the fortress is marked by lavish royal lodgings that are noticeable for their elevated balconies. The different floors in the palace are interrelated by paths which are rising in such a manner that they have proportional tiers on all four sides. The total structure of Raja Mahal is marked by towers and vaulted pavilions which add to its aura and make it one of the most visited places in the city.