Rajiv Lochan temple is located at a town named Rajim of Raipur district of Chhattisgarh. Main deity of this temple is Lord Vishnu. This temple is located at 45 kilometers distance from main city Raipur. Average altitudinal height of this temple is 281 mtrs from MSL (MEAN SEA LEVEL). National highway No. 43 connects this temple with other parts of the state. Holy River Mahanadi flows very close to this temple. Two more tributaries namely Pairi and Sondur also flow near this area and make Triveni Sangam at Rajim town. This town is also called Prayag of the state.

Though exact historical evidences regarding construction dates of this temple are not available but it is believed that the construction must have been taken placed before 600 years ago as the style of architecture is looks like the old constructional pattern. It is believed that Lord Vishnu stayed here during his wandering in search of his consort Parvathi. He prayed at the hillock to find Parvathi at the earliest and to commemorate his stay and get his blessings, this temple was constructed. According to another story, Lord Vishnu cursed a fisherman who caught fish breeds from the nearby river and even after being known, he tried to cook all the fishes. Later the fisherman begged Lord Vishnu and promised to construct as temple if the curse is waived off. The same accepted by Lord and he made a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

This temple is built in close annexed style. Dravidian style of architecture is also mixed in this temple as the Dome of the temple is looking like a Gopuram of South Indian temples. Entrance is slightly small as in the north Indian temples. Small minarets have been provided on the two wall corners of the main hall of the temple. Every minaret has a balcony with a small dome fixed over it. Jali work has been done in the lower portion of the temple beautifully. Pillars are not carved but straight forward. To take the load of huge roof, twelve pillars have been erected inside the central hall. The entire pillar has incarnation over them and various Hindu gods and goddesses are posed over these pillars.

Rajiv Lochan Mahotsava celebrated at this temple every year and devotees across the country reach here to celebrate it. On this occasion, there is a tradition to perform musical dances and exhibit the culture of Rajim.

Raipur is the nearest airport located at 49 kilometers from this temple.

Raipur is also the nearest railway station and at 45 kilometers distance. Frequent road conveyances are available to reach this temple.

National Highway No. 43 which connects Abhanpur to Raipur is the main way to reach this temple. Besides state transport buses, private tour operator’s taxi services are also available at affordable rates to reach this temple.