Sanjay Van is a sprawling city forest area near Vasant Kunj and Mehrauli in Delhi, India. It is spread over an area of 783 Acres. It is one of the most thickly wooded areas of the city’s green lungs and purported to be one of the most haunted places in the metropolis, maybe due to its adjacency to Mehrauli and the fact that it houses innumerable Majaars (mausoleums of Sufi saints) & graves punctuated with broken ramparts of Qila Rai Pithora.

The forest, which is part of the Mehrauli South Central Ridge, has undergone severe degradation in recent times with the proliferation of the Prosopis juliflora tree which is non-endemic to the Aravalli ranges and has caused depletion of the ground water level, killing native flora and changing the natural soil characteristics of the Aravallis. Sewage water and effluent discharge into Sanjay Van has also affected this green belt in the Capital.

There are multiple entry and exit points, but the ones at the Qutub Institutional Area and Neela Hauz Bridge near Vasant Kunj are the least confusing. Be dressed in full-length trousers and shoes to avoid the thorny shrubbery and tank yourselves up with a lot of fluids and snacks, as there is no retail in the quiet of the woods.

Someone lit many candles under trees. In the darkness, ‘Pirbaba’ wakes up. People believe the ‘Pir'(saint) walks along on the lighten path. Stones on the path are his footsteps. Spirit of Hazrat Sheikh Shahabuddin Ashiqallah walks every night on the same path under the trees. – Such like more stories of free spirits made this place venturesome. In daytime Sanjay Van is attracting with full of green lashes and songs of birds. Near Basant Kunj and Mehrauli it’s a fine place to explore in South West Delhi. But in night, when the woods become silent, Sanjay Van turns into one of the most haunted places of Delhi.
Over the 10kms area you will find the ruin of Lal Kot. Later renamed as Qila Rai Pithora. The wall is believed still lamenting for the fate of the great Rajput King, Prithviraj Chauhan. But the Muslim cremation ground after Lal Kot probably most mysterious place in there. Mainly poor children were buried under those graves. At very night they awake from their sleep. Their screams, laughs and crawls under those graves break the silence of the night. Sanjay Van becomes then an unknown world of phantom existences.

Numbers of Majaars remembering those saints, resting in peace there. Some of them roams there when Sanjay Van becomes far away from the living world. There is a nice story about the Pir Hazrat Sheikh Shahabuddin Ashiqallah who walks on his path to shrine daily

They are among those Sufi saints who first came in Delhi. One day in Abdal Baba’s death anniversary, his son Hazrat Sheikh Shahabuddin Ashiqallah arranged a feast for people. Where the food was inadequate for everyone. But the calm saint covered all food containers with a cloth. When he removed it there were plenty of food. Even after 700 years of his death people believe the Pir still walks every night there. Darga offers free foods, remembering that magical day.

But probably most horrifying ghost who swinged herself from the peepul tree. The ghost lady in white saree roams around those trees. Many have seen her scary eyes. Sometimes she rounds the tree and sometimes people encounters the vision how she hanged herself from the peepul tree. The myth of the lady ghost made Sanjay Van extremely haunted specially at night.