Mr. Sashibhusan Rath had taken his birth at Surada in the district of Ganjam in 1885. His father was Lambodar Mahapatra, who was a well established citizen of the locality. Sashibhusan Rath had encouraged the Oriya race through his publication “ASHA” and “NEW ORISSA” news paper. He had planted a new life in the dormant soul of Oriya people and he had fulfilled the dream of Orissa as separate province. He had dedicated his every thing for the interest of the Oriya people. His role in the formation of Orissa as a separate province is really unforgettable.

The surname of Mr.Sashibhusan had become Rath from Mahapatra, as he was adopted to his uncle Mr.Digambar Ratha. From the very beginning of his child hood, he was in the attempt of eradication of superstition, anti social activities like animal sacrifice before the goddesses etc. He had passed his matriculation in 1902 from Madras University at Parlakhemundi.Subsequently, he spent his life for some time as a businessman and he was appointed as a Manager in “Utkal Tanary” established by Utkal Gourav Madhusudan Das. Then he was appointed as a Manager of” Young & Co” medicine company in Calcutta. In Calcutta he had organised an “Oriya Association”. He was almost mad for the upliftment of the Oriya people and introduction of Oriya Language in Govt.machinary. He was trying hard for the unification of the Oriya speaking areas. He was the lover of Oriya literature. He had published the weekly newspaper “ASHA” in 13th April’1913 and won the hearts of the entire Oriya people. Due to his popularity he became the Vice-Chairman of Berhampur Muncipality in 1914 and he under taken many development works in to his hands. He had mobilised the people regarding the activities of Utkal Sammiloni and formation of Orissa as a separate provinces through ” ASHA “. In 1918 he had established an Oriya School at Berhampur, which functioned under the management of Berhampur Muncipalty. Apart from “ASHA ” Sashibhusan Babu had published two more monthly magazines of literature i.e, ” Satyabadi ” and “Pradeepa”.

In 1920, he was elected to Madras Assembly Council and put forth many proposals before the Govt. for overal development of Ganjam district. In 1921, he was also elected as a member of Managing Committee of Khallikote College, Berhampur. During his tenure the Khallikote College was improved a lot.
In 1924, Sashi Babu had organised ” Dandasi Caste Association” (Pana race) and fulfilled their claims putting pressure on Govt.

Mr. Sashi babu is the ablest man of Orissa and pride of Orissa. He had profound knowledge and high souled patriotism. He is no more, but he will be remembered always by the Oriya for his past deeds.