Satna City is a city situated in the Satna District of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, which shares a border with neighbouring Uttar Pradesh.

The Satna District is part of the region of Bagelkhand, of which a large part was ruled by the princely state of Rewa and a small part was ruled by feudatory chiefs, holding their states under the British Raj. Satna’s name comes from the Satna River (or Sutna) that originates at Sarang Ashram (Sutikshna Ashram), situated near Sarangpur village of Panna district.

(Previously the Sutna was the name of the railway station, the town being Raghurajnagar, but gradually the name for the station became associated with the city that is now Satna.)

In the Ramayana Era, Lord Rama stayed in the region of Chitrakoot; one half of which is in the outskirts of Satna, the other in Uttar Pradesh.

Until the 18th century, the state was known as Unchahara from the name of its original capital. The chiefs of Nagod were Parihar Rajputs belonging traditionally to Mount Abu.

In the seventh century, Parihar Rajputs drove out the Gaharwar rulers from and established themselves in the country between Mahoba and Mau. In the ninth century, they were repulsed eastwards by the Chandels, where Raja Dhara Singh seized the fort of Naro from the Teli Rajas in 1344. In 1478 Raja Bhoja obtained Unchahara, which he made the chief town, and which remained so until 1720, when the capital was moved to Nagod by Raja Chainsingh. Later on the Parihars lost all their territories to the Baghels and Bundelas except the limited territory that they held before 1947.

Following the treaty of Bassein in 1820 Nagod was held to be a tributary to Panna and was included in the sanad granted to that state in 1807. In 1809, however, a separate sanad was granted to Lal Sheshraj Singh confirming him in his possessions.

Hindi is the most commonly spoken language of the town. Some people speak Bagheli dialect which is a derivative of Hindi in this region. Other less-spoken languages include Sindhi, Punjabi, English, and Hindi. However, many people generally prefer speaking proper Hindi. Satna is the 7th most populated city in Madhya Pradesh.

Satna has an airport called Satna Airport, built in 1970. The nearest major airport to Satna is Jabalpur Airport which is approximately 200 kilometres from the city. Another airport, which is 124 kilometers from Satna is Civil Aerodrome Khajuraho, which is in Chhatarpur District (Khajuraho Town).

Bus services connect Satna with various cities of Madhya Pradesh and some cities of Maharashtra. The city is well-connected by state highways and a national highway. Satna is connected to the longest National Highway: NH-7. State highway NH-75 passes from the heart of Satna and connects it to cities of Panna and Rewa, which are other important cities of northern Madhya Pradesh.