Sibuta Lung is monument sandstone establish at Tachhip village, which is 20 Km away from Aizwal civic. Sibuta Lung was elevated through a Palian leader approximate 300 years back. The monument Sibuta Lung shows a tale of dropped love and hunger for vengeance.

It is believed that, a little soul, Sibuta, was accepted via the leader. Sibuta murdered his accepted father and turned out to be the leader of greater than 2,000 houses. However he botched of his love living and was left by a young woman. Sibuta gone crazy for retribution and he place a youthful and gorgeous girl, Darlai, of a large ditch on which he hunted to rigid a monument for himself. The enormous shock was dragged with big effort from the cradle of the Tlawng stream, which is at a distance of 10 Km. The rock was immersed through the blood of three persons who were surrendered. The rock was lifted depositing Darlai breathing on the ditch under the rock.

Myth of the condition has it, that the rock was put down through the tribal leader Sibuta who was the soul accepted through the leader of the town. The desire for authority throng Sibuta to kill his accepted father and seize the authority like leader of 2000 residences. His adore for a youngster was ditched by her maddening him hugely. Exasperated, he positioned the youthful and gorgeous girl, Darlai of a ditch above which he made a monument for himself. Sibuta occupied numerous citizens of the difficult job of putting the rock from the sides of the stream Tlawng that runs 10 kilometers away from the rural community. The rock was discolored through the blood of three citizens of the rural community who were surrendered to immerse the boulder by their blood. The monument was stiffed above the ditch which enclosed the breathing Darlai within it.

Adjacent airport is Aizawl and it is well linked to Kolkata and Imphal via air. Indian Airlines joins Aizawl to all Indian cities through Guwahati, Imphal, and Kolkata. One could arrive at the prospect via road from Aizwal.

Aizawl is well linked with all cities of country via NH-54 through Silchar. Buses and taxis are available from Silchar to Aizawl. Night facilities are obtainable too. Moreover, Aizawl could be reached via road from Shillong and Guwahati. One could arrive at the prospect via road from Aizwal.

Silchar (Assam) is the closest railway station which is at a distance of 184 km. Some trains from Guwahati to Silchar are Barak Valley Express, Cachar Express or the Tripura Passenger. One could arrive at the prospect via road from Aizwal.