Chhattisgarh is a land of ancient culture, with many ancient monuments, temples and forts. Every nook and corner of Chhattisgarh has traditional heritage. There are numerous factors that affect the durability of stone. Stone surfaces are continuously exposed to physical, chemical and biological degradation. Physical, chemical, and biological agents act in co-association, ranging from synergistic to antagonistic and leading to deterioration. Among biological agents, micro-organisms are of critical importance in stone deterioration. They can cause various damages on the stone surface. Biodeterioration processes result from complex interactions of surface-invading microbes with each other, as well as with the surface material. The ability of fungi to produce pigments and organic acids is crucial for the discoloration and degradation of monuments. Air acts as a vehicle for the dispersion of microorganisms. They are introduced into air from different sources: soil, water, organic waste, plant leaves, sneezes and cough. This investigation focuses on the scientific conservation of The Sita Devi Temple of Deorbija DistricDurg, [Chhattisgarh]. The stone surface of the temple grew dark due to deposits of dust, dirt, dried vegetation and the growth of micro vegetation on the exterior as well as the interior portions.

There are few places that have such an amazing bio-diversity in nature, along with as exciting a cultural tradition and heritage as Chhattisgarh. The beauty of nature, the life style of tribes, the multifarious rock paintings, a rich culture of a primitive society, combined with anexciting geomorphology such as the natural caves, waterfalls and ever flowing river, create an ambiance that soothes the mind and nurtures the senses. Most significantly, the unique tradition and tribal culture and their music, dance and art are just some of the distinguished attractions.

The historical monuments form ruined forts, tribal palaces and exquisitely carved temples with rock paintings and caves and hill plateaus. Each of those has a history, a special exciting tale related to all of the dynasties that ruled the erstwhile states. And if history is not ones favorite subject, then one can still check out the ancient sculptures and architecture of the temples, forts and of course the rock paintings.

There are many ancient monuments in Chhattisgarh, such as the Rajivlochan temple, the Laxaman temple, the Mahadeo temple, the Sita Devi temple, the Bhoramdeo temple and beautiful sculptures, such as Mahishasurmardani, at Sirpur, built between 6th -14th centuries. They are of Nagara style, while some have a Panchaytana plan.