Bhopal has its fair share of interesting and unusual architecture, including the jaw-dropping State Museum. Visit the museum and one will see some astonishing things that reflect the cultural heritage and legacy of Madhya Pradesh. Earlier, the gallery was christened as the ‘Bhopal Museum.’ Later gallery building was relocated to the Shyamla Hills, and its name was advance to State Museum.There are seventeen galleries in the museum, housing historical artefacts like the royal collection, fossils, prehistoric articles, sculptures, documentary, and textiles of Madhya Pradesh. The museum is the flashback to the history of Madhya Pradesh. Other things to see in the museum are weapons, instruments, and miniatures. Irrespective, tourists is a history buff or not, one just can’t afford to miss out on the state museum when visiting Bhopal.

Special Attractions: Pre-Historic Articles, Fossils, Royal Collection, Sculptures, Paintings, Buddhist Bagh Cave paintings, 84 rare Jaina bronzes of the 8th to 11th centuries, Avalokesteshwaras of Lamaism, Saivite sculptures