This festival is dedicated to the worship of Mother Earth but has nothing to do with the harvest. The festive celebrations are held after the blooming of Sal trees. During this festival nobody touches the fields throughout the day and the farmers offer prayers at a small forest within the village.

Chhattisgarh is a state that is acclaimed for a large number of reasons. The state is not just a thriving focal point of modern undertaking with rich mineral assets, it additionally possesses large amounts of social events. The social blend of Chhattisgarhi Cultures is showed in its various fairs of which the Earth Festival merits extraordinary notice. The general population of Chhattisgarh rely on upon a fundamentally agrarian economy. The nearby tenants are a profoundly religious and superstitious part who solidly have faith in worshiping Mother Earth. Without the liberal blessing of Mother Earth, the grounds would not turn a fruitful cocoa and yield stores of ready, brilliant product.

Actually, they expect that on maddening the prolific area, the wellspring of their wage dry seasons and starvation would strike the state and brownish fixes and breaks and gaps would develop on the ripe fields that would take after the cover up of a panther. In this manner the tribal occupants of Chhattisgarh praise the Earth Festival with pageantry and greatness. Otherwise called the Surhul Festival or the Mati Puja, the merry festivals begin in the excellent and happy months of spring. Amid the months of March and April, nature is brilliant in its crisp abundance and the lively hues and new trusts and guarantees lift the spirits of the workers and the yeomen.

Surhul or Earth celebration festivities are totally isolated from harvest of yields. A religious celebration in soul, the celebration is essentially worried with worshiping the revered Mother Earth. The general population enthusiastically and quietly anticipate the favorable day when the Sal trees are secured in thriving blooms. To pay a tribute to the Goddess, the towns avoid their fields and intensely ask in the woodlands of the towns and villages. No cultivating related exercises are directed that day.

Thus the tribal inhabitants of Chhattisgarh celebrate the Earth Festival with pomp and grandeur. Also known as the Surhul Festival or the Mati Puja, the festive celebrations commence in the beautiful and cheerful months of spring. During the months of March and April, nature is resplendent in its fresh bounty and the vibrant colors and new hopes and promises lift the spirits of the peasants and the yeomen. Surhul or Earth festival celebrations are completely segregated from harvest of crops. A religious festival in spirit, the festival is primarily concerned with worshiping the venerable Mother Earth and seeking her benison. The people eagerly and patiently await the auspicious day when the Sal trees are covered in flourishing blossoms. To pay a tribute to the Goddess, the villages stay away from their fields and fervently pray in the forests of the villages and hamlets. No farming related activities are conducted that day. it is part of Chhattisgarh sanskriti.