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Chairman - Emeritus

born on: November 08, 1988
email: shirish@spacpl.com
phone: 9999999999
education: Civil Engineer


Shirish B Patel is a Civil Engineer with interests that extend to the engineering design of public works, notably dams, bridges, and marine structures; urban planning and urban affairs; the planning of factories, and other complexes that benefit from an inter-disciplinary approach; solar energy research; and software development.

He founded the firm, in 1960.

Professional Background

  • Mechanical Sciences Tripos Parts I & II, M A (Hons) University of Cambridge
  • Fellow of ICE, IE(I), ACI
  • Member of ASCE, IABSE, CEA(I), ACM
  • Associate Member of IASSS

Representative Project Experience

  • Was one of the three original authors of a plan to develop a 350 km2 new city (New Bombay) across the harbour (1965). Employed by the Government of Maharashtra for 5 years, in the role of Chief Planner for the new city, responsible for co-ordinating the work of a multi-disciplinary team consisting of economists, sociologists, transportation and city planners, architects and engineers, as well as the construction team. (1970-1974).
  • Principal designer for Large-panel precast residential buildings at Petit Hall, Bombay with lowest 3 stores cast-in-situ and 27 upper stories fully precast. To test the adequacy of the precast system, a 3-storey high full-scale mock-up using large panels and joints as proposed in the final construction was first built and tested. (1966-1970)
  • Invented Vertical axis louvers for Ventilation, Humidification using ‘Khus’ infill in galvanised iron frames, Strip Skylight for roof using figured glass (patented) instead of conventional North light for factories, Light reflectors. These inventions are widely used in various factories designed by SPA.
  • Mumbai Heritage Conservation Committee (1996-1999)
  • Solar Energy Research : Since 1980 in Land Research Institute, a not-for-profit Trust, of which Mr Patel is the founder and President. Recent work in collaboration with the University Department of Chemical Technology has led to the development of a cooking pot that promises dramatic savings in fuel consumption for cooking. (1980-to date)
  • Executive Committee Bombay Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (1983-96)
  • Kariba Dam, Zambezi river : Worked with Coyne & Bellier, Consulting Engineers, Paris on the design of Kariba Dam on the Zambezi. Conducted 1:100 scale plaster-of-paris model studies, loading the dam with mercury and measuring strains. Also developed the specifications and measurement practices for the cooling of concrete in the dam. (1955-1956)
  • Koyna Dam : Senior civil engineer with the Contractors for Koyna Dam, in charge of planning, and design and supervision of all temporary works, including cable crane foundations. (1956-1958)
  • Calico Mills, Bombay : As Chief Civil Engineer, in charge of planning, design and construction supervision of two new chemicals factories. (1958-1960)