The most propitious places in state of Punjab are its temples. The temples in Punjab that are located in any area speak about the rich historical culture related to the beliefs of the temple that belongs to a particular area. There are numerous temples from small to big spread in all the cities of state of Punjab.

The city of Amritsar is famous for its old temple that belongs to the sector that has its link to the era of Ramayana and this sector is commonly known as Ram Tirth zone. It is believed that Luv and Kush sons of Lord Rama and Devi Sita were born at this place. The remains of abode of Maharishi Balmiki that was a small hut can still be located at the near by place.

The other temple that is famous in the city of Amritsar that has been inaugurated by Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya is the Lakshmi Narayan Temple. This temple has its architecture and structures same as the Gurdwara Golden Temple and also has a holy water tank, awnings and an arena. The temple belongs to the period of 20th century.

The other temple that is as old as an age of 17th century AD is the famous Bhagwathi temple in Khanna that is a small village named Khanna. The history of the origin of this temple is linked to the devotion of Kamalu Bhagat who while his trip to visit the Jawala Mukhi Temple of Kangra to pay his regards to the deity stopped here and later the temple was built here since he was stopped by Bhagwati Mata another Goddess worshipped in Kangra and asked him to construct the temple at the place where it stands in today’s time. So this became the reason for the existence of temple.