Also known as Devbhoomi, meaning the land of Gods, Uttaranchal houses in its bounds some of the holiest of places on earth. The land is dotted with famous shrines and temples of gods and goddesses. It is true that no one in India can walk a kilometre without finding a temple in Uttaranchal, no one can take a turn without spotting a temple in Uttarakhand or hearing the ringing of temple bells in his ears.

The beauty compliments its holiness or holiness compliments beauty, its difficult to say, but a visit here to this land of gods ensures that you don’t miss either. The temples of Uttaranchal are equally famous and are deeply revered by devotees. While some are contemporary, others are quite ancient. Some were established as early as in 8th century B.C. Many of them have been renovated time and again, mainly due to destruction caused by natural calamities. While some temples rest in high altitude, watched over by snow capped peaks, others are quietly worshipped in plains.