The Fair of Nagaji is celebrated every year in winter season in the months of November and December. Basically it’s a fair which is organized in order to memorize and pay respect to the Saint Nagaji who resides at the time of Mughal Emperor Akbar, about 400 years ago & in the Fair of Nagaji, the tribal people congregate to Porsa village in Murena district. They carry on their festivity for as long as a month and indulge in various communal activities that bring about lot of conviviality and merry making. Beforehand monkeys were sold at this fair. Presently, domestic animals are high on sale.

The Nagaji fair is a way of remembering and paying respect to Saint Nagaji who lived at the time of Emperor Akbar, nearly 400 years ago. Various tribals visit the Porsa village in Murena district during winter (November-December) and make merry for as long as a month. Earlier monkeys were sold at this fair, but now domestic animals are sold in the fair.