Ganesh Tok is one of the most famous God Ganesh temple in Gangtok capital city of Sikkim. It stands at a height of 6,500 feet.The path to Ganesh Tok is covered with sacred flags hoisted and tied across the roads. The flags are colored in White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Purple. The path looks like rainbow and it gives tourists hidden excitement approaching the temple of lord Ganesh. The flags are believed to be very sacred and on each flag something is written. The Sky gets covered by these flags and make a unique scene.

The Sacred Flags sky as seen in Ganesh Tok temple is very rare scene near any Ganesh temple in India These scenes are nor common nor in this stature or magnitude near God Hanuman temple (these flags are known as Patakas a Sanskrit word meaning flag). These flags are only seen near the Ganesh Tok mandir of Gangtok only and not anywhere else in Gangtok.

Like the Hanuman Tok, the Ganesh Tok offers a fascinating view of the surrounding regions. One can get a clear view of Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim. The premises of the Raj Bhavan can also be viewed from this temple. If you visit the Ganesh Tok in Sikkim on a cloudless day, then you might be fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the magnificent Mt. Khangchendzonga.

The space within the temple is not even sufficient to house one person at a time. Infact, the devotees have to literally creep into the temple to get a glimpse of Lord Ganesha. The Ganesh Tok at Sikkim is situated at the top of a hill close to the television tower of Sikkim.