The Lambi Dehar Mines

Located on the outskirts of Mussoorie, the Lambi Dehar Mines is one of the most haunted places and has seen some unusual happenings after the death of half a million workers in 1990s.

According to the legend, the Lambi Dehar Mines were shut down because half a million workers died coughing blood because of the improper mining. There were several safety regulations as well but the accidents took place because of improper mining techniques. The incident took place in 1990 and since then, there are very few residents in the place because the place is said to be haunted. The natural forces have totally taken over the place and there are trees and animals everywhere. Some locals have also complained of strange noises at night.

The place is said to be the most haunted at night as strange sounds fill the area. There have also been several cases of truck accidents where they go off the road late at night. A helicopter crash also took place in the same area. People also say that there is a witch, which walks down the hill at night. The remoteness from civilization and the uncountable deaths this place have seen, the Lambi Dehar Mines are one of the most haunted places.

Since the place lies in the outskirts of Mussoorie, you can take a cab or taxi and reach the destination. You can even take your private vehicle and reach there.

The Lambi Dehar mines are situated on the outskirts of Mussoorie. These used to be strip mines, lime quarries that have been shut.
In the early 1990s there were about 50,000 workers working in these mines and a lot of these people were dying of diseases.

The mines were shut because a lot of safety rules were being flouted and there were a lot of accidents like trucks falling off the mountains.

Trees have grown in the houses and you can hear sounds of people hear at night. It is also very scary perhaps because it is remote, far from civilisation and has its history of haunting.
When you’re driving there, cars go off the road, trucks go off the road, and there’s been a mysterious helicopter crash there. So there’s definitely a presence in that place. Legend has it that there’s also a witch that walks down the mountains screaming.

These mines caused many deaths because workers started suffering from diseases caused because of improper mining. They were shut about 20 years ago and people living around the area also left. There have been incidents of cars and trucks disappearing and a helicopter crash. According to many people there is a witch usually seen screaming down the mountains.
On the outskirts of Mussoorie these abandoned quarry mines have haunted the surrounding area from the early 1990s when an unfortunate event led to the death of around 50,000 workers. Ever since the area has been deserted and natural forces have taken over the vacant houses. Far from civilization this place gives off a post-apocalyptic feel.

It is considered as one of the most haunted places in India. The mines were shut after half a million workers died coughing blood due to improper mining conditions. Locals believe that the place has turned into a home for a witch who walks down the hills at night and has claimed many life. Rapid occurrences of accidents and unusual deaths have also made this place rank amongst the spookiest places in the country.