The ‘Toran’, called the ‘Kirti Stambha’ (Temple Arch) in other regions, is a semi-religious or civic form that flourished under the Solanki rule in Gujarat. Two of the finest examples are at Vadnagar. At one time, both must have been connected with a temple, not a outline of which now remains.

Of the two, the one that stood at what was the edifice of Rewah, is a accurately imposing structure. Almost complete and a classic example of its kind, it rises to a total height of 40 feet. It consists of two huge and elaborate columns, supporting a wide cornice, above which rises a vaulted pediment, containing figures.

The pillars are designed with an upper storey or attic, between which is thrown an attractive cusped arch, making the effect of an archway more apparent. All the parts forming the ‘toran’ are devised on the same principles as those employed in the temple design.