Tinsukia is a city and municipal board in Tinsukia district, Assam, India. It is situated 480 kilometres (298 mi) north east of Guwahati and 84 kilometres (52 mi) kilometres away from the border with Arunachal Pradesh.

It is the administrative headquarters of Tinsukia District of Assam, India. It contains a mixture of Assamese, and Hindi- speaking people. New malls and buildings are being constructed.

Tinsukia deals in agricultural products such as tea, oranges, ginger, citrus fruits and paddy. It also contains the state’s largest railway junction.

Tinsukia is the site of Bengmara, which was originally known as Changmai Pathar. It was the capital city of the Muttack Kingdom which was founded by Swargadeo Sarbananda Singha.

Swargadeo Sarbananda Singha, known as Mezara, rose to become an able administrator. Mezara adopted the name Sarbananda Singha after he became the King. Swargadeo Sarbananda Singha introduced coins after his name and in Saka 1716 and 1717, he inscribed the title Swargadeo in the coins.

As instructed by Swargadeo Sarbananda Singha, his Minister Gopinath Barbaruah alies Godha dug a triangular pond which is known as Tinikunia Pukhuri. In 1884 a station was constructed near this pond, when the Dibru-Sadiya Rail line was laid, which was named as Tinsukia. Since then it has been known as Tinsukia.

Tinsukia has a humid subtropical climate with summer, winter and monsoon forming the seasonal cycle. Summer in Tinsukia are typically during the months of March–May, and these months experience a maximum temperature of around 31 °C and a minimum of 24 °C. Rain showers are common during the summer months, and humidity is normally at its highest during this season. the monsoon months in Tinsukia are the months of June–September bringing heavy rainfall. The temperature in the region during winter, which occurs from October to February, ranges from a maximum of 24 °C to a minimum of 11 °C(min).

Tinsukia is connected by air, national highway and railway. It is 492 km by road from Guwahati. The nearest airport is Dibrugarh Airport at Mohanbari, Dibrugarh which is about 40 km from Tinsukia with daily flights to Delhi, Guwahati and Kolkata. Tinsukia falls under Northeast Frontier Railway of Indian Railways. It is also one of the divisional headquarters of NF Railway. The New Tinsukia railway station connects the city with rest of the country through notable trains like Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express, Brahmaputra Mail, Kamrup Express, Avadh Assam Express, and Kamakhya – Ledo Inter City Express. It has another station called Tinsukia Junction which is the old one. Local transportation is facilitated by auto-rickshaws and tractors, with rickshaws being the primary mode of transportation.