Yaosang is a festival celebrated in Manipur for six days in spring, starting on the full moon day of the month of Lamda (February–March). Yaosang combines Hindu and indigenous traditions.It is identified with the festival of Holi and is considered the most important festival in Manipur.Like Holi, the Hindus of Manipur play with colours during this festival.
Yaosang begins just after sunset in every village with the Yaosang Mei thaba, or Burning of the Straw Hut. Then the children ask at every house for monetary donations, called nakatheng. On the second day, groups of local bands perform sankirtan in the Govindagee Temple in the Imphal-East district of Manipur. On the second and third days, girls go to their relatives for their nakatheng and block roads with ropes for collecting money. On the fourth and fifth days, people pour or splash water on one another.

Another feature of this festival is Thabal Chongba (Dancing in the Moonlight). Males from various places will come to the site of the festival and dance in circles with the females, holding their hands. In 2016, this occurred March 23-24.
The locals also engage in feasting to celebrate this festival of merrymaking.